2017 Mplus Workshop


This 4 day workshop is an applied, hands-on, and non-technical introduction to a variety of analyses using Mplus. Rather than an extensive coverage of statistics and formulas, my approach is for applied researchers who want to understand and apply contemporary analyses. Andy also focuses on “tools of the trade” using Mplus including a focus on unique analysis features that promote best practices among SEM users.

What is covered?

Day 1: Latent variable modeling and introduction to Mplus

  • Data management, Mplus commands and code

  • Confirmatory factor analysis, path models

  • Issues around missing data, power, outdated “golden rules”

Day 2: Analyses for cross-sectional studies

  • Mediation and moderation

  • Latent class analysis

Day 3: Analyses for longitudinal data

  • Latent growth curve modeling

  • Growth mixture modeling

Day 4: Analyses for clustered and/or nested data

  • Dyadic analyses

  • Multilevel modeling

Workshop Details

  • Designed for non-statisticians, knowledge of statistics is helpful, not required

  • Recommended that you bring a WiFi-enabled laptop to the workshop with Mplus free demo program installed (from www.statmodel.com)

  • Coffee and light breakfast is served each morning

  • Lunch is on your own

    • The workshop location includes a full kitchen for bringing lunch or drinks

    • Option to order delivered lunch also available

Location, dates and times, pricing

SERVE Gateway Campus, 5900 Summit Ave., Greensboro, NC

May 15th to 18th, 2017, 9am to 3pm each day.


For more details, email ajsupple@appliedanalyses.com

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2017 Mplus Workshop Registration

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