Applied Analyses for Behavioral Research

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Online Workshops for 2022

I specialize in helping academic researchers capitalize on their complex data. Many researchers feel stuck and confused by the dizzying array of "new" analyses and techniques for data analysis in the social and behavioral sciences. I can assist you in understanding more complex analyses, guiding you in conducting these analyses, and walk you through all stages of the analysis process. What's more is that we can do all of this online so that you don't spend money on travel! I specialize in the use of Mplus to do structural equation modeling, indirect effects, moderation analyses, latent class analysis, and longitudinal data analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does it work?

  • After you contact me we can discuss dates and times to meet online. I will send a link to Google Meet to conduct the online meeting which has the feature of screensharing and recording. This means we can see and hear each other and share what we are viewing online. You can run your analysis, show me your output, or I can show you syntax, tables, and output to help you do your own analyses. In addition we can record all sessions for later playback.

  • Do I need specialized software?

  • No, all you need is a microphone on your computer

  • What types of analyses can Dr. Supple help with?

  • Multiple regression, structural equation modeling, measurement invariance testing, mediation/moderation, latent class analysis, longitudinal analyses, power analysis, and dyadic data

  • What is your fee?

  • $150/hour

  • Do you offer discounts?

  • Yes, there are discounts for students and repeat clients

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