Online Workshops for 2018

All workshops are fully online and interactive. Workshops take place via online meeting software and combine introductory materials, discussion and Mplus analysis strategies. Each workshop begins with a 45 - 60 minute interactive presentation on specific analytical techniques. The focus is on why/how these analyses are conducted and specific details related to Mplus. Following that presentation, there are demonstrations of multiple Mplus input and output files. The focus on this part of the workshop is to demonstrate how Mplus does certain techniques and how to interpret output. Participants are provided with an online link to a recording of the session and to a share folder with data, input files, and the powerpoint slides. The goal of each workshop is to facilitate participants ability to apply the analyses to their own data. Space is limited!

Each workshop is 3 hours long, $125 for students, $150 for all others. To register for these workshops, or more details, click on the links below:

1. Introduction to Latent Variables with Mplus

2. Measurement Invariance Testing with Mplus

3. Introduction to Latent Class Analysis

4. Introduction to Latent Growth Curve Modeling

For dates, consult the calendar below.