2022 Online Workshops

In 2022 I am offering a Latent Class/Profile Analysis Workshop.

Latent Class/Profile Analysis June 1, 2, and 3

All workshops are fully online. Participants should have access to a strong WiFi connection. Participants are given access to a share folder with Mplus syntax and practice data sets for all of the analyses we will do. In addition lecture slides and recorded videos of all sessions are provided. Participants ideally will have Mplus on their computers to do practice exercises. Free demo versions of Mplus are available from www.statmodel.com.

What do people say about Andy’s workshops??

  • It was really helpful to have the share folder so we can see how you wrote the code and refer to the files when running our own analyses

  • Excellent for multiple levels of Mplus experience. As someone with zero experience, I was still able to follow along the slides, run analyses, and understand the output. I felt comfortable in the workshop even with experienced Mplus users as other participants.

  • Thank you for explaining things well. I enjoyed the breadth of topics covered, and the personal attention that Andy gave to each person’s needs/data.

  • I enjoyed that the powerpoint presentation was easy to follow. I also enjoyed the time we had for group work and one-on-one work with Dr. Supple.

  • really great workshop! I've been using spss for years but I feel like I know how to use mplus just as well if not better after only a week

  • Excellent workshop! I will tell others who are seeking a similar experience that this is the workshop to take. Well worth the effort, time, and money

  • I now feel more comfortable and understand why I get told I could do “so much more” with my data