Latent Class Analysis with Mplus

Tuesday and Wednesday June 2 and 3, 2020

9 to 3:30 EST (USA) Each Day

$300USD for Faculty, $250 for Students

The outline for this workshop is as follows:

Day 1: Basics of latent class

    • What is latent class analysis?
      • Similarities/differences with other techniques
      • Why are researchers using this technique?
  • Using Mplus to do LCA
    • Identifying the number of classes using fit statistics
    • Understanding and labeling classes
  • Day 2: Predictors of and outcomes across classes
    • Predictors of class membership (covariates)
    • Outcomes across classes (distal outcomes)
    • Different approaches to including covariates/outcomes in or out of the model

This workshop is designed for researchers with some knowledge of statistics who are wanting to learn more about latent class analysis using Mplus. There is more focus on real-world data applications and less focus on statistics.

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